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Mortality monitoring in Europe

Welcome to the EuroMOMO website. We publish weekly bulletins of the all-cause mortality levels in up to 19 European countries or regions of countries. The weekly bulletin is published every Friday around noon.

European mortality bulletin week 47, 2015

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Overall, all-cause mortality has been within the normal range in the reporting countries during the past weeks.

Data from 18 countries or regions* was received, of these 17** were included in the pooled analyses.

Excess mortality levels in most recent weeks may be difficult to interpret because adjustment for delayed registrations may be imprecise. Further, results of pooled analyses may vary depending on which countries were included in the weekly analyses.

Pooled analyses are adjusted for variation between the included countries and for differences in the local delay in reporting.

*Belgium, Denmark, England (UK), Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland (UK), Norway, Portugal, Scotland (UK), Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and Wales (UK).
**Not included in the pooled analyses: Northern Ireland (UK).

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